Friday, April 6, 2007

Some Google posts for Good Friday

This is a good post…talking about Adword’s campaigns that go disabled vs paused….

What is the Difference Between "Disabled" and "Paused" for Adwords ...
Search Engine Roundtable - USA
A WebmasterWorld member asks if there is a difference between AdWords campaigns that are marked as "Paused" or as "Disabled" in the API. ...
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This post discusses the new Impression Share Metric at Adwords…

Google AdWords Adds Impression Share Metric
By Barry Schwartz
Vinny Lingham reports finding a new metric on his Google AdWords console named Impression Share. Impression Share is a statistic available at both the campaign and account level. (1) Campaign: If an advertiser has more than one campaign ...
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This post talks about Googl changing the color of the top listed ad….

Google's AdWords New Color
Hey, am I the only one who noticed Google switched it's top-listed AdWords ads to a yellow color today??? Personally, I think the yellow is a little much for my eyes and don't really care for it. I like the...
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Thursday, April 5, 2007

A few posts on the Adwords Optimizer

A few helpful posts from today….

A few posts about the new Google Website Optimizer

Google Plans To Win AdWords Converts
WebProNews - Lexington,KY,USA
The Website Optimizer tool received a formal launch for Google's AdWords clients today. Marketers using it should see conversion rates improve for their ...

Google Offers New Web Tool
Entrepreneur - USA
Google's Website Optimizer is integrated into Google AdWords and is free to AdWords advertisers. Here’s how it works: The Website Optimizer gives ...

Google Launches Website Optimizer
Media Buyer Planner - Elkton,MD,USA
Website Optimizer, released as a closed beta in fall 2006, is integrated with Google AdWords and is free to AdWords advertisers. The tool allows advertisers ...

Website Optimizer now available to all
By Inside AdWords crew(Inside AdWords crew)
If you're unfamiliar with Website Optimizer, it is a free multivariate testing application built into AdWords that helps online marketers increase visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction by enabling them to continually ...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Here's some info on Google

A few posts on how Google Adwords works…Quality Score..etc.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) vs. Natural or Organic Search ...
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Google Adwords enables businesses, young and old alike, to infuse their advertising message to the masses. Adwords works like a standard auction. ...

Google AdWords Quality Score Factors Demystified
By Brad Geddes aka eWhisper
There are several different factors that affect Google AdWords Quality Score. It’s time to walk through each in detail and list the major contributing factors to each.First, it’s important to note why Quality Score matters. ...

A Post for MicroISV'ers and one on Google and Splogging!

For you MicroISV’ers

March Stats and a note of thanks
By Patrick
AdWords has been working really well as of late ($.34 per demo download sustained over the entire month. Close to my best ever.) With $90 budgeted I could pay for more traffic but I haven’t found the keywords yet to bring it in without ...


Google, Adsense, and Splogging
By Maria Langer
How can Google Adwords customers be assured that their ads are appearing on legitimate sites and are being clicked by humans who are genuinely interested in the products or services advertised? I hope Jim gets his AdSense account back. ...

Google Quality Score and Slap Discussion

Score…check it out…

A Week of AdWords Quality Score Posts
By Brad Geddes aka eWhisper
In preperation for Search Engine Stratedgies New York, I’m writing an entire series on AdWords quality score as that’s one of the most common questions I receive at the conferences. I’m not speaking on the quality score panel, ...

This article concerns the Google slap…I have experienced this and am trying to unslap myself!

Recovering from a Full-On Google Slap
By Geordie Carswell
Trying to open a brand new Adwords account isn’t recommended as eventually Google will connect the dots on your account history and you could put all of your accounts at risk of being banned. Now here’s the other crappy part: starting a ...

Two More Articles to Check Out

A few more interesting posts…the first talks about an aff marketing site/book…I will probably look into this a bit…trying to keep an open mind.

The second deals with keeping your motivation up and finding a niche.

Make Money Online - Insider Secrets Revealed.
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
There are thousands of affiliate programs around but then i discovered one that eventually changed my life called Internet Marketing Center. ...

Getting Back On The Horse
By jgall
For awhile i’ve had motivation issues, basically spending no effort or investment on Search Engine Marketing. I’ve been collecting my Google checks at their size reduced since 10/28/06 when MSN dropped a ton of sites from their index. ...

A Few Interesting Articles from Tuesday....yep...backed up!

Here are a few articles I found interesting today……One is on traffic generation methods, another on one person’s analysis of their March performance, and the last a general aff marketing post that looked to have some additional links on the sidebar I want to check out.

3 Traffic Methods For Affiliates
By admin
With Affiliate Marketing you rely on sales to make money with affiliate programs. The only thing is that many new participants forget that they also need to rely on web site traffic. After all, without traffic, no one will be able to ...

March 2007 Online Earnings Report
By Leroy Brown
Just as fast as affiliate profits came for me, they nearly vanished. Profit from affiliate programs dropped 96% in March, vs my record February. Not good. That puts affiliate earnings at a meager 2% of total profit, vs 43% last month. ...

Affiliate Marketing business program
By Darjan Panic
Firstly, you need to set up a site that would serve your purpose of affiliate marketing site. With a range of web-page building programs directing every step of the process available, it is none less than a cakewalk for you to construct ...